A Taste of Heaven

taught by Julie Ward

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Spices and herbs are the flavor of life, and can brighten any dish when used properly.  In this course you will learn about the medicinal and healing qualities that can energize you and any meal. 

In this class we will delve deeper into spices and herbs. Learn how to apply the energetics of spices and herbs to your food or tea. Gain an understanding of which spices/herbs can heal digestive disorders, type 2 diabetes,and depression. Learn which adaptogen herbs boost immunity, reduce stress, improve your mood and increase your libido.

Julie Ward
Julie Ward
Food Alchemist

I’m Julie Ward, the Food Alchemist. I’m passionate about food and making healthy food delicious. My mission is to help people like you become healthier and feel better through the foods you eat. For the last 25 years, I have been researching foods, herbal remedies, and making positive changes to my diet. The changes have helped me solve digestive issues, turned around my battle with depression, and given me more focus.

I created Fresh Food Alchemy as a culmination of my life. It was born as a crusade to help people enjoy fresh, tasty plant-based food. It brings me great pleasure to help people change their perceptions of eating healthy and connect through food, while feeling the energy of love and beauty. I can help you bring back the joy and excitement of good food by getting you back in the kitchen, where you’re enthusiastically trying new recipes and vegetables.

Good healthy tasty food heals, fuels and support the body. By eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can be vibrant, prevent most major illnesses, and enjoy delicious easy meals. My mission through teaching and cooking is to give people Joy, Love and Vitally in every bite!

I hold a certificate in Plant–Based Nutrition, an ACE Health Coach certification, a Masters in Public Policy, and a B.S. in Mathematics.